We wake up in the morning, enthusiastic to create groundbreaking marketing campaigns

Who are we?

It’s not who we are, it’s what we are.

We are a group of people with a passion to execute breakthrough marketing measures.

We are addicted to innovation, creativity and winning.

We are a team of professionals specializing in unprecedented, complex and experiential productions.

We are Target Market.

Target Market is Israel’s largest, production, promotion and project management company in Israel.

Our 26 years of experience enable us to provide clients with end-to-end solutions, ranging from strategic conceptualization, creative formulation, logistic operation and production.

We have a proven track record for managing projects requiring mass personnel

nationwide, all in limited timetables and while facing complicated challenges.

With over 120 staff workers and thousands in the field, creative, studio, product, budgeting, purchasing, legal, logistics and more,

we are prepared for any challenge you can imagine.

We are Target Market.